It Is What It Is

Do you realize that people who work for the church are just like you?
Are you sure your thoughts and words reflect this?

One thing that I’ve learned, as a by-product of being called a missionary for a few months, is that people have all kinds of opinions about what such a calling should look like. Oddly enough, I don’t think their job description for such a position is one that they themselves would be willing to take on or one that would be a good way for most to live.

Attend every church service offered.
Don’t be involved in romantic relationships.
Post more about work on social media than other areas of life.
Don’t take days off.
Only invest in people in assumed social circles.
Make the good things you do public.

I can’t fulfill the above requirements, but I’m still here.

I will join in with what I see God doing in front of me.
I will go where the spirit leads me and attempt to build genuine relationships.
I will try to be a good example of Christ.
I will love responsibly and seek counsel.
I will share happenings using discretion.
I will rest.
I will assist wherever and whenever I can within the church.

This past month has been hard.  After the rush of holiday activity I was able to catch my breath for about a week and then I jumped right back into the swing of things; weddings, baptisms, choir rehearsals, parish visits, shopping trips for the children’s home, fetching and delivering supplies to the monastery, planning, entertaining visiting clergy, etc. Along with church work, I found myself starting a media internship and looking for housing for the coming months (with a modest budget, this proved very difficult, but by God’s grace, encouragement from friends and practical help from my boyfriend, I’m settled now).

All in all I’m still very happy, but I’m beginning to realize that this is what being a missionary is… and guess what? It feels an awful lot like “normal” work and life did back home. Yes, my phone is now filled with priest’s numbers, my schedule is anything but fixed, and many more people seem to have opinions on how my job should be done, but there are still normal struggles and joys just the same. My focus is still God, I still try and fail and try again, and I’m still me.

I’m excited for the next 6 months and look forward to sharing them with you as time (and load shedding/internet access) allows.

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