Missionaries Don't Take Holiday

…at least not at the same time as everyone else in the world.  Over the past 30 days I've come to realize that people who work for the church have their schedules packed around the festive season.  It's a good thing because that means that others in the community are taking their time off to be active in the church, but WOW does it make for a busy 30 days.  Between normal services, outreach events, food collections and donations and parish visits I've had my hands full. I love it…  Here are a few pictures to share.

Food parcels packed for delivery in Madidi
Boys at Saint Nicholas building and learning what a gingerbread house is for the first time
(food parcels being packaged in the background by church members)
I am a children's taxi to church in Eldorado Park
1/2 of the crew that attends our biweekly children's outreach at Saint Nicholas
A boy on an adventure...

All in all, I am having an amazing time serving here and I pray you feel the same about the work God has given you to do too.

Christ is Born; Glorify Him!

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