Patience and Prayer

A few days ago I sent a quick email over to Fr. Chris to ask about what my next steps might be if I'm given the ok to go.  Like I mentioned in the previous blog, I should actually have approval (or not) very soon, but being the ever-so-impatient girl that I can be, I thought I'd see if my priest would give me a few next steps to work on in the meantime.  But he wisely didn't.

His response:
"As Fr. Akunda noted, let's just pray and seek God's will.  I'm confident he'll lead us accordingly."

Sometimes all I need to hear is someone else's confidence, to gain my own.  That must be one of the great blessings (and an example of the importance) of community…

If you could see the desktop of my computer right now you would laugh.  It started with one word document about possible financing options for the trip (which is silly anyway, as I'm basing my projected needs on costs of things here and assuming I'll have support from people I haven't even told about the trip yet), and it has become cluttered with pictures from my previous trip, screenshots of maps in/around/between Pretoria and Johannesburg, possible flight itineraries, names of people I want to tell in person, people I want to pray for and connect with, and even lists of languages I might want to learn the Lord's Prayer in…  I'm a "bit" of an over-planner.

Fr. Chris' response, though short and simple, was a powerful one for me.  His words gently reminded me to put first things first.  So I prayed (more).  And I asked others for prayer (again – and about more specific heart kind of things, that are not trip logistics).  And now I'm resting (the best I can) with confidence that what is meant to happen will; in God's plan, on His timetable, through His provision and grace.

While I'm not going to delete my mess of a desktop, there is relief in knowing that I'm not in control.  I have a feeling things will turn out much better that way anyway.

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